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Stock photo contributor since 2012 for :

Edwin Yap | Food Photographer

Edwin is a professional food photographer, food technologist (MSc), and food scientist (BSs). He was born in Malaysia and surrounded his life with Malaysian food delicacy, which nurtures him to become a food enthusiast. With over ten years of professional photography experience, he fell in love with food photos, and photographing cuisine has always been his favourite topic.


With his knowledge and experience, Edwin captures remarkable visual stories about what and how we eat. He shoots a diverse range of food cuisines for commercial and editorial clients, styling with a clean and elegant aesthetic. He contributes to numerous internationally established stock photo agencies in 2012. All his photos are rated editorial-grade and clients from hotels, restaurants, cafes utilised his image for menu design, social media sharing, and food delivery app. As a professional food photographer, he had the opportunity to work on various projects, some traditional and others outside the box. All of this has helped him become the person today, which is why he holds it in such high regard.


A professional food photographer's mission is to produce great food photos for clients and Edwin believes every image he captured matters to his customers' business. He will give his best effort to maximize the visual impact of every photo he photographed and tailor it to sheer perfection. Edwin is grateful that food photography has been his path in life. Thank you for being here to join his photography adventure!


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Juicy burger with egg york dripping
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A good photo can sell a product. Look at this juicy, perfectly-shaped burger. Wouldn’t you want to buy it?

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In this "camera eats first" era, featuring high-quality food photos online can improve menu conversion rates by 25% and increase total food orders by more than 35% for restaurant delivery apps. 

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