A Day in Taman Botani Shah Alam (Bukit Cahaya)

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Taman Botani Shah Alam (National Botanical Garden Shah Alam), previously known as Taman Pertanian Bukit Cherakah is a place where you can take your family for the weekend or public holiday.

This agroforestry park covering 817 hectares consists of Animal Park, Ornamental Garden, 4 Seasons Temperate House, Spices & Beverages Garden, Cactus Garden, Tropical Fruit Garden not to mention dams and lakes as well as a village and chalets.

One of the exciting ways to explore Taman Botani is by cycling. The cycling-friendly environment provides food stalls every 2-3km, selling food and drink as a booster for those cyclists.

Cycling along the hills will never get more refreshing after the heavy rain in the morning!

The park is enormous – its 817 hectares (that’s over 2000 acres) contain 422 different plants and trees acting as a conservation center and laboratory for Malaysian plant life.

Greenery plants never fail to show off their cheerful outlook.

What is happier than laughing whole-heartedly in this fresh air jungle vegetation?

Skytrex Adventure Park (for junior). This particular section lets the kids experience climbing rope ladders, swinging from trees, riding on aerial ropeways and balancing on poles high above the ground. Sounds interesting? Good playground for the kids!

We all enjoy soaring, flying, free from gravity since we are still a child!

Fear is an option. Just be mindful and step up bravely. You can do it!

Due to the current pandemic (FMCO 3.0) situation, outing is prohibited. Hopefully, the pandemic will be over very soon and everyone can enjoy outdoor activities after “stay at home” for so long.

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