Ravpower versus Sony original NP-FW50 battery endurance test. #ravpower #sony #a6400

NP-FW50 Battery for Sony Camera

3 NP-FW50 battery comparison

Since I was curious how the 3rd party NP-FW50 batteries compete against Sony original battery that cost about 4 times the price, I conducted a little comparison test to find out the answer. I’ll be comparing 3 NP-FW50 batteries for Sony mirrorless cameras to determine how well they perform and how reliable they are. Let’s find out!

Sony original NP-FW50 battery cost about $55, But of course, there are also choices of third-party batteries. Some of these even claim to have a higher capacity than the original Sony battery. On top of that, some of them are just about a tenth of the price of the original Sony product, so is this price discrepancy justifiable by the difference in performance.

I will be using only 2 Ravpower brand batteries to compare with Sony original battery in this test. Some of these batteries have been used for quite a while, and charge cycles are mentioned in the photo above. First up, we have the original Sony battery with a total capacity of 1020mAh at 7.4v output voltage. Next is the battery from third party brand Ravpower with a higher claimed capacity with 1100mAh at 7.4v output voltage.

So to test the battery capacity, I used sony a6400 cameras equipped with the sony 18-105 F4 OSS lens. This is more to an endurance test to test out the video recording length of a fully charged battery. Video will be recorded until the battery exhausted.

Here is the video recording format and condition:

  • Full-HD 1920x1080p / 30fps -16m H.264 format
  • Optical stabilization off
  • Standard colour profile
  • Autofocus disabled
  • Room temperature – 30-32 degree celsius (no overheat reported during the test)

To know the final result of this test, kindly watch the link below. The result is quite astonishing!

I hope this provides some insight. Constructive comments and feedback are very welcome!

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